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What is a WILL

A WILL is a legal document which outlines how property/assets are to be distributed upon your death.

Why should you write a WILL?

If you die leaving a WILL,  your possessions will be distributed according to the wishes of your WILL. A WILL saves the beneficiaries Time, Money and Stress


If you die without leaving a WILL, there may be delays in processing and distribution of your assets. This will create hardship for  your family. It can lead to disputes in the family due to disagreements over the distribution of your property and assets.   

Why you should use our services?

- Professional consultation and advice.
- WILL writing
FREE safekeeping of your WILL.
- Execution of your last wishes.
- We can arrange for Insurance to cover the cost of  execution

  legal & administrative fees that would normally be borne by your      beneficiaries (limited to ages 18 to 64 -T & C apply).

Packages depending on value of assets start at RM 799.00.​
Call us for more details.
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